German Shepherd Coat Types

showline German shepherd dog with longer hair deep tan and black colours laid in snow, makes the colours even more stunning

How many different coat types are there for German Shepherd dogs?

There are predominantly 4 different coat types for German Shepherd dogs, however, there is a 5th one – which is as listed below:

  1. Short-coated: This is the most common coat type for German Shepherds. The hair is dense and straight, and the undercoat is soft and thick.
A German Shepherd Dog Laid down looking to camera with a toy ball between front paws

2. Long-coated: These dogs have longer hair, especially around the ears, legs, and tail. The hair is usually wavy or slightly curly.

Long coat Gsd

3. Double-coated: German Shepherds with a double coat have a thick, soft undercoat and a dense, coarse outer coat. This coat type provides excellent protection against cold weather.

Double coated Gsd sat down in woodland

4. Plush-coated: Plush-coated German Shepherds have a dense, soft undercoat and a longer, softer outer coat. The hair is usually wavy or slightly curly.

Plush coated GSD looking up towards the left of the camera

5. Wire-coated: This coat type is rare and not recognised by all breed standards. Dogs with a wire coat have a harsh, rough outer coat and a dense undercoat. The hair is usually longer around the face and legs.

It is however, worth noting that coat types can vary within the same litter of German Shepherds and not all coat types are accepted as “breed standards”.

Black and tan German shepherd running through grass and woodland

Great reference points for the German Shepherd Dog Breed “Standards”?

View the German Shepherd Breed “Standards” by clicking on this link to

The Kennel Club UK.


BAGSD Ltd (British Association For German Shepherd Dogs Ltd)

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