Is a White German Shepherd Dog the same as a Swiss Shepherd Dog?

Swiss shepherd vs German shepherd

Is a white German shepherd dog the same as a Swiss shepherd dog?

The answer is no, a White German Shepherd Dog is not the same as a Swiss Shepherd Dog. While both breeds share some similarities, they are distinct breeds with different histories, appearances, and temperaments. (However, the white colouration in German Shepherds, is considered a fault in many breed standards.)

Is a White German Shepherd the same as an albino German Shepherd?

No, a White German Shepherd is not the same as an Albino German Shepherd. Many people think this is the case. However, while both may appear White in colour, there are significant differences between the two. White German Shepherds have a genetic variation that causes their coat to be white while still having pigmentation in their skin and eyes. On the other hand, Albino German Shepherds lack melanin production entirely, resulting in a completely White coat, pink skin, and pale eyes with little to no pigment. Albino animals typically have vision and health issues due to the lack of melanin protection from the sunlight.

What is the difference between a White German Shepherd & a Swiss Shepherd?

The main difference between a white German Shepherd and a Swiss Shepherd is their origin and physical appearance.

White German Shepherds are a variation of the German Shepherd breed, with a distinct all-white coat colour. They were first bred in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective nature. They have a slightly larger build than Swiss Shepherds, with a broader head and chest.

Do Swiss Shepherds have another name?

Swiss Shepherds, also known as White Shepherd Dogs or Berger Blanc Suisse, are a separate breed that originated in Switzerland. They were recognised as a separate breed in 2011 by the United Kennel Club, and have a white or cream-colored coat. Swiss Shepherds are also known for their loyalty and intelligence, and have a more slender build than German Shepherds. Their head is narrower and more wedge-shaped, and their coat is usually longer and thicker.

The Blue colour German Shepherd Dog along with the White German shepherd Dog, is also not considered standard and may indicate that the dog has been bred with another breed or may have a genetic mutation that can cause an unusual colour.

It’s important to be cautious when considering a Dog with a non-standard colour; as such Dogs may be more prone to health problems and may not have the desirable temperament or other characteristics of a true German Shepherd.  If you’re looking for a German Shepherd, it’s often suggested best practice to stick to the standard breed colours and to research reputable breeders who prioritise the health and well-being of their Dogs.


In conclusion, the main difference between a white German Shepherd and a Swiss Shepherd is their origin and physical appearance. While they share many traits, they are separate breeds with distinct characteristics.

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